Hola, Soy Tatiana Agudelo,

Escritora y Coach femenina.

Ayudo mujeres de más de 40 a transformar su vida.

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You have a lot to give, share the best of yourself with the world. This is the best time for you to start creating your own Blog.

My name is Tatiana Agudelo, I am the owner and developer of the Blog "Woman without luggage", which has an audience of more than 150 thousand followers.


Writer and Publisher of tree books:

-Woman without luggage

-Writer on request

-1-2-3 Self estime again


I am here to teach you !!!


¿What are you going to learn?

You will be able to start your own Blog from scratch. 

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You will learn how to dedicate yourself to what you really love.

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You can manage your Blog, achieving a balance between your audience and their interests.

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The "My Blog" Course will allow you to create the most complete personal or work Blog, without any prior knowledge.


The duration of the Course is two weeks.


Our mechanics consists of teaching you how to share and structure valuable content in an interactive way, as well as to create and develop your own audience.


In this Course you will have the opportunity to participate in group and individual activities. Both through the ZOOM platform.


For group activities you will leverage Focus Groups, with a duration of one hour, in which you will learn to anticipate trends.


Personalized monitoring to identify the "added value" you have to offer, directing your objectives to your audience.


You will receive guided tutorials and study material to analyze and develop your own Blog.


The material and training you will receive will allow you to:


- Manage your time.


- Define the main activity of your Blog.


- Find your "target audience".


- Learn writing, publishing and advertising methods to understand and share the topics that interest your audience.


- Create and feed your Blog. But above all, keep the contact and interest of your audience.


*** If you really feel that the "My Blog" Course is for you, make the decision today, because this is one of my courses with limited availability.

This Course is for you if: 

You have something to share with the world, and you love being in touch with the community. 

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You are a professional in a specific area and you want to share your knowledge. .

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You want to help others with your content.

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It is important that you know that: 

This is a practical course, in which at the end of it, you will have your own professional blog.   


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In this Course you will learn to change, update and modify your own content.

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It is a Course in which you will learn to improve and share your content in a professional and efficient way.  

I remain at your disposal for any questions:


WhatsApp (507) 6201 4464

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